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"As a non-techy I dread calling anyone about IT problems as usually I am bamboozled by technical questions which I often don't understand - let alone can answer. So it was very refreshing to have someone patiently help me out without making me feel like an idiot. Very helpful."
Jennifer Wolf / Speaker
World wide speaking
"Did not patronise me, and gave me as much time as needed without pushing me to get off the line, and most importantly we did solve the problem. Thank you."
Nathan Walker / Author
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"Called about a rouge redirect on my Wordpress site Internetters host for me. It wasn't their problem but a hack of the theme I was using in Wordpress. The tech support showed me what the error was using a web based Malware service and how to find it and suggested how I could deal with it. Patient and helpful even though it wasn't their problem."
Michelle ADAIR / Speaker
Brilliant customer service, "I was a bit worried when my account was transferred to Internetters but my worries were totally unfounded, they are a terrific company and they really care about their customers. I'm often aboard so I do worry about the length of time phone calls take but my last three calls to Customer Services have been answered within seconds and my issues resolved within minutes by friendly and helpful staff. Great to talk to real people in the US and not an overseas call centre, and to be spoken to by people who are so friendly and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone and am sure they will be helping me with  my website for many years to come.
Kathy Addie/ Author

Fair pricing and helpful service

"I was recommended East Valley Marketing & Advertising Adgency by Virgin Media because I need more web space for my award-winning web-site, than they provide for free. The facilities for my package exceed my requirements both in terms of web space and email facilities (including email forwarding), prices are reasonable and requests for support have been both few and responsive."
Daniel Chu / SEO Guru

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We help you get your product to market quickly and inexpensively-while retaining the highest quality possible-so you can make an impact in your marketplace and start making money.

Product Creation 

Reason to create product-Leverage( save you time) Monetize(money while you sleep)

Scale Impact (make a difference)

3 questions that matters- What are you selling? Who are you selling it to? What will get them to buy?

4 P's of Irresistible Offers- Problem-Promote-Proof-Process

What People Are Paying You For- Your unique perspective-Your ability to structure and simplify info so they can use it.Your ability to humanize it.

4 Step launch Sequence - Opportunity - how it Works-Proof-Offer


Our “Voice Of The Costumer” program will bring more customer reviews for your business on all of the important sites that matter such as Google, Yelp and Insiderpages! We call it “Voice Of The Customer” and it’s one of the most important elements in establishing trust and a reputation with your clients.

Recent statistics show that nearly 70% of consumers check customer reviews before making a purchase. We make sure that what people say about you is favorable, help build buzz around your business and make sure you get found online.

Think about it, if nobody is talking about you, or even worse, saying bad things about you, how effective will your marketing efforts be? How It Works:

1. We prepare an email or letter to send to your existing customers and give them an incentive to visit a specific online directory, search engine or social media site and rate and review your business. (we provide the email and direct mail letter templates that have been proven to work and get you more reviews.)

2. The template will direct the customer to post a review, email you a link to it or print a copy of it and bring it into your business to redeem the incentive offer.

3. The incentive can be something generic like a $5 Starbucks gift card or something specific to your business like a $10 discount off their next chiropractic adjustment.

4. Best of all, we prepare 500 business cards or appointment cards to give to customers on checkout that provides instruction and incentive to rate and review your business. (we have business card and appointment card templates.) This is an extremely elegant way to get your customers to take action and leave you a review!

Voice Of The Customer Package

Develop incentive for existing and new customers

Set up email alerts to monitor your business name

  • Prepare email or letter to send to existing database
  • Prepare and print 500 custom business cards or appointment cards

Regular Price: $279.00

Today’s Special $197.00

Contact (Hollis) at (520-829-0088)

Visit us at http://eastvalleyads.localscorereport.com

Price Points

ebooks $27 - $57    1- Time product Launch

Teleseinars/Webinars $27- $57       Evergreen Product Launch 

Intro DVD or CD set $27- $297       Continuity product

Integrated Training System (online or physical) $ 297 - $2,997   Live event

Live Event $297 - $2,997                    Mastermind  

Mastermind $2,297 - $29,997            Misc speaking, Affiliates

Customized Services/ Certification $22,997 - $149,997  

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