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Automated Contests & Drawings

Instantly Build Excitement, Buzz and Prospect Lists at Any Event – If you want to rapidly build or grow your list of prospects, what better way to do it than with a contest? Everyone loves something for free, right? Take advantage of that and get an introduction to lots of new folks with the help of our Automated Contests & Drawings campaign.

Allow us to help you find and capture the contact information of those who just may need you now more than ever! Our collection of Automated Contests & Drawings tools will help you create a list in an instant! This campaign is perfect for tradeshows, speaking engagements, or any interaction with large groups of people. Just set yourself up with some free giveaways and hold a contest for one big prize. (Marketing hint: If your giveaway is your product or service, the list you build will be full of people primed for buying!) Using a combination of text messaging and emails, your list captures all of the vital contact info you could ever want!

Included with this campaign are:

6 Interactive Text Messages

Designed to capture the name, cell phone number, street address, city, and zip code of prospects interested in winning your big prize. These messages will stir up excitements by immediately announcing a win (perhaps a free gift or something else to introduce you to them and remind them of your services).

  • 2 Follow Up Emails
    Developed by a master wordsmith, these emails will confirm entry into your drawing for a bigger prize and allow prospects to add additional information about themselves into your database.
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