The following are some recommendations on how to ensure the information being communicated is done so in the shortest possible time frame, and yet fully understood by the receiving party: • Perhaps the most effective way of communicating information and having it understood is to ensure there is constant eye contact with the recipient, throughout the length of the communication session. This should also be done in a precise and quick time frame where the information is presented as concisely as possible. • Getting the recipient to summarize and repeat, what has been communicated is also another method of ensuring the information is both heard and understood. This is also another way to ensure the content of the information stays the same as it was presented and there are no additions or distortions to the content. • The language design and phrasing should also be in line with the recipient’s capability and understating levels. Talking to someone who is not savvy in the technical jargon used will not only be a waste of time and effort, but it would also seem pretentious to those around. This type of communication would not effective at all.






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We provide a platform for authors,small business owners,experts,speakers,consultants a platform to increase their value and authority.

Why do we need to position ourselves?

Get people to know like and trust you and position yourself as the expert in your field.

Why a online presence

Our “Voice Of The Costumer” program will bring more customer reviews for your business on all of the important sites that matter such as Google, Yelp and Insider pages!

Video promos for your business

Video Pal - $100 for 30 sec video Video Animation -$145 for 30 sec video Video actors 1 $175 for 30 sec video

Easy Sales

The Easy Sales campaign is quick to set up, simple to manage, and great at selling your product or service. Subscribers can purchase from you directly on a squeeze page, and their content is delivered to them automatically by way of an email autoresponder. It's a set and go selling machine, and if you have a product or service you'd like to start selling today, this is the campaign for you.

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What is your local score?

The high prices of placing ads.

Do you want to save money on your ad cost?

We can save you up to 17%

We save you up to 17% do you have something to sell?

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Position Yourself
Get people to know like and trust you..
Instantly position yourself as the recognized expert and authority in your field.

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Publish your mini-book to build your
credibility and authority..Build your platform by publishing your book on recognized,global distribution channels.

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Create a way to monetize your platform
and make money while you sleep.

Promote and Build Your List
Set yourself up to get an ongoing
source of qualified leads and list
building in overdrive.
Leverage your platform and authority
to get traffic and collect leads.

Profit from As Many Channels as Possible
Use as many vehicles as you can-online
and offline-to make money.
Sell your book,product and service in as many channels as possible.

Set up your EVMAA customer scanner
Use the 5-step webinar/Teleseminar
Presentation formula to create Your
online presentation.
Use the 5-step presentation formula to create your stage presentation.

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What's Your Local Score?

Enter any business name and zip code and see how optimized it is for local search.

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The Value of One Presentation

Press with the show.

The value of having a single presentation that you do live and online-one that you've
spent years developing,and months performing-is that practice makes perfect.
Your stage presentation is going to your webiinar presentation because you're going to do it on a consistent basis.
The benefit of practicing and mastering your
presentation,you'll be able to determine which aspects of your story and sales pitch don't quite resonate with your audience.You may have more success with one testimonial than another,or have a higher closing rate if you've incorporated a part of your personal story that you had never thought to include.
Media Kit
Both of these formats will give you the priceless opportunity to practice your stage presentation.You'll have countless opportunities to get filmed and incorporate that footage into the sizzle reel you use on your Amazon Author Page and media Kit.keep in mind that you want to zone in on one topic,and make that presentation that you practice.

Piece of the Action

Sell your product on stage and get a piece of the action with the promoter.If you speak at an event of any size,of any importance,you're going to need to prove that you can close.You'll need to be able to point to the quality of your product,and the history of selling it in webinars,teleseminars.

The EVMAA Play

Another way to handle your live speaking engagement is to add an interesting demand into the agreement,do the event without the ability to sell if and only if you get a three camera shoot and high definition video that you have the full rights to. You can then edit together that video.

What You Need to Know About Mastering Marketplaces

Marketplaces are a key part of understanding how to make your expertise and products profitable.
Jennifer PageMarketing Director
What are the benefits of market penetration?The i've seen you out there effect build your credibility as an expert,and shows to your audience that your product is a premium product worth paying attention to.
Daniel HinesMarketing
You need to make sure your products are available through many different websites,platforms,or stores.Just like you built a ubiquity footprint online,you need to build ubiquity in the marketplace,you need to be everywhere.
Mike HouserDirector of Sales
Another great benefit of selling your product on different marketplace is that somebody else will be handling the hassles of merchant accounts,customer service,and dilivery,you are the product creator.
Michelle PierceSocial Media Director

Self-Improvement Tips

Self-Improvement and Productivity in the Working Environment
The Importance Of Always Improving
Life is what you make of it.However, in order to live the best life possible, you need to look deep within yourself.You need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to make the most of your days. This involves analysing your idea of life fulfilment.It involves increasing your chance of success and productivity. Mostly, it involves improving your sense of self worth
  • Health and Fitness

    Self-Improvement Tips Spirit

    , Mind and Soul Self-Improvement Tips

    Self-Improvement and Productivity in the Working Environment

    Self-Improvement Steps and Your Finances Family

    and Relationships Self-Improvement Tips Reaching your Goals

    : Self-Improvement and Success Plus, lots more!

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